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What does new Citi Field scoreboard mean for Mets fans?

In the upcoming season, Mets fans will be treated to a new scoreboard at Citi Field as Steve Cohen continues to fulfill his promises.

At the beginning of the offseason, many pictures were posted on social media showing the early stages of the project, ripping down the old scoreboard and advertisements to make room for the much larger screen.

Cohen and the Mets are working with Samsung Electronics America to make Citi Field “the most technologically advanced ballpark in the major leagues.” This calls for installing “cutting-edge, high definition screens, software and solutions…”

The screen will include a 10mm pixel pitch and a 4,992 x 2,784 pixel size, which exceeds the pixel resolutions of both a 4k TV and a 4k Cinema. This screen will be the clearest and the most modern in the Major Leagues and possibly around the world.

The new scoreboard will be the largest in MLB, at a whopping three times the size of the previous Citi Field scoreboard. The screen will be 17,393 square feet, compared to the previous scoreboard of 5,355 square feet.

Mets fan experience

So what does this mean for the fans?

As someone who loves to go to as many games as possible, it will certainly make Citi Field an even more attractive ballpark. Videos, replays and graphics will burst off the new board in crystal-clear fashion. There'll be no missing the new board, no matter where you sit at Citi Field.

The Mets have had some trouble with attendance in the past and things are looking up under Cohen. According to, in comparison with the 2016 season, the one after the Mets lost to the Royals in the World Series, their attendance increased from 9th to 6th place in 2022.

With their Wild Card appearance in 2022, Citi Field was basically sold out for the first two games. However, there was a major drop in attendance for Game 3, likely because the Mets were seen as underperforming and fans did not want to see the season end that night.

A new scoreboard can make the game more interactive and more interesting for fans. Samsung states that they seek to work with the Mets in transforming the fan experience “from a once static environment to an all-digital fan experience.”

What that exactly means, we'll find out. But the new scoreboard should improve the fan experience and help lift the Mets into Top 5 in MLB attendance next season, that is if they continue to be a contender.

Photo: @genymets

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